Coffee is innocent of cancer, according to an Australian study

Australian researchers at the Kimmer Berger Institute have refuted common studies linking coffee with cancer.

In a study, researchers found no association between reduced coffee consumption and the development of any cancers. They said drinking coffee could reduce the risk of developing uterine and liver cancer.

The discovery came at a time when the scientific community is debating whether drinking coffee causes or prevents cancer.

The researchers analyzed 46,000 people with cancer, including seven thousand who died from it.

The researchers compared genetic data and preferred food types with data covering 270,000 people who had never had cancer. The study included tumors of the breast, ovaries, lungs, and prostate, and found that “coffee does not adversely affect the development of the disease.”

“The data included more than 300,000 people,” said Stewart McGregor, co-author of the study. “Drinking coffee each day does not reduce or increase the risk of cancer.”

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“Coffee contains a complex mix of biologically active ingredients, which have been shown to show anti-tumor effects in animal studies.”

This has confirmed the need for additional research, and the results of the new study showed that the tendency to drink coffee is not a risk factor and not a way to prevent cancer.

But they are still puzzled about the probable causes of the disease, with the expectation that two million people will become infected by 2020.
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