[blog post] 20 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dog


The majority of yank households create pets a part of their family. In 2018, it’s calculable that sixty-eight of households own a pet (more than the share with children).

Who will resist those huge brown eyes and cute barker grin? will a bit reward from the table or going in momma or Dad’s stuff very hurt your dog?

In 2018, the ASPCA Animal Poison center received 199,000 poisoning cases, a virtually simple fraction of that were the results of ingesting human foods.

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20- Fatty Foods

Dogs are very good at using fat for energy, which is why it’s common to see high-fat content in many pet foods. Dogs transport cholesterol as “HDL”, the good cholesterol, so no worries about atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Problems arise when dogs experience quick changes in either the amount or type of fat in their diet. Foods that are high in fats

— for example, baconsausageribsand fried fast foods — can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting. In certain cases, eating unhealthy, high-fat foods like these can even cause pancreatitis.

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